Filters and Gaskets
V8 bottom gasket set
£23.55 per set
V8 diff cover gasket
BTB674 O/E
V8 top gasket overhaul set
£28.15 per set
V8 air filter
GFE1054 O/E 
£7.65 each
V8 exhaust manifold gasket doubles (4)
V8 flame trap
603330A O/E
V8 fuel filter
V8 inlet manifold gasket
V8 oil filter with magnet.
GFE121 O/E
V8 rocker cover gasket (2)
£11.25 pair - rubber.
V8 sump gasket
GEG539 O/E
V8 thermostat gasket
GTG125 O/E
V8 water pump gasket
610756 O/E
V8 breather filter
Composite inlet manifold gasket

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