V8 Engine Parts
V8 big end shells set
£28.15 per set
V8 bottom gasket set
V8 remade Rocker covers
BHH1208R BHH1209R
£193.55 (pair)
V8 top overhaul gasket set
V8 Cylinder head (new)
614642 (2)
£101.15 each
V8 Camshaft
£85.85 each
V8 exhaust gaskets (our own)
RV8 type
£13.95 set
V8 Exhaust valve
602165CW (8)
£6.20 each
V8 head gasket
V8 hydraulic cam follower
614529CW (16 Required)
£6.75 each
V8 inlet manifold gasket
GEG693CW £6.70
or the Composite at £16.85

V8 inlet valve
602166CW (8)
£6.20 each
V8 oil pump gears
49.50 inc. vat.
V8 rear crankshaft oil seal
V8 rocker cover gasket set
GEG436CW (2)
£2.60 each
V8 rocker shafts
606661CW (2)
£23.05 each
V8 rockers universal
602154CW (16)
£6.45 (each)
V8 Sump gasket
V8 oil pump base
Capillary pipe from oil pump to gauge kit
Oil filler Cap
V8 Timing Chain - £19.95
V8 Crank gear - £11.80
V8 Cam gear - £17.90

   All prices are subject to change and include 
                 UK  VAT at 20%
  For international orders please call for rates
   or for items that are not shown please ring
                 +44 (0)1746 710810

V8 Oil filter base and unions
£35.95 inc vat.
  V8 engine steady bar
This is  the best you can      buy for the money
  This site is under continual update so if you can not find the part you are looking for          please come back and look again or ring  +44 (0) 1746 710810 with your requests
Clive & Steve & Jill
V8 Front Engine Cover with larger oil pump gears. Complete with gasket fitting kit.                £255.65

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V8 engine rubber mountings - our own.
thin, left hand - £13.85 inc.
thick,right hand - £11.80 inc.
Oil Pipes (set of three).
O/E  £48.55 inc.vat. rubber.
S/S  £58.75 inc vat.