Electrical Parts
V8 ac-delco alternator
O/E £101.65 exchange only.
V8 alternator adjusting link O/E
V8 alternator cradle O/E
V8 lucas startermotor
£119.75 exchange only.
V8 0-60lbs or 0-80lbs dual oil-water gauge
£145.00 outright O/E
£80.95 exchange with old unit
V8 rear light complete lucas O/E
£35.75 each
V8 reversing lamp O/E
complete assembly
V8 Distributor cap 
V8 fan motor
ALU1081 O/E
V8 fan otter switch O/E
V8 indicator switch 
V8 petrol pump 
AZX137 O/E
V8 startermotor heatshield
V8 unipart high tension leads
£30.20 per set 
V8 wiper O-drive switch

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  For international orders please call for rates
    or if items that are not shown please ring
                   +44 (0)1746 710810
      V8 tacho BHA5212  O/E
exchange with 80mm MGB unit
     V8 speedo 0 to 140 mph
          BHA5210 O/E
exchange with 80mm MGB unit
 Quick release battery clamps
just what you need no more 
     cursing and swearing
          £11.25 the pair 
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Clive & Steve & Jill
V8 fan relay
R/B or C/B
         NEW V8
              100% Automatic
 Accumate multi-stage-smart
charge-maintainer with automatic
      temperature regulation.
      The best on the market.
V8 Advance & Retard 
(for points distributor)
£45.90 exchange only.
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V8 High Torque
Starter Motor.