Rear Suspension Parts
V8 rear leaf spring, Chrome
V8 rear leaf spring, rubber
V8 rear shock absorber,
  exchange - rebuilt
       £29.50 each
V8 Rear shock absorber
rebuilt up rated 30%
      £35.00 each
V8 rear link arm, (2)
£17.30 each
V8 rebound strap bolt and distance tube
BH605151 AHH6162 (2)
£1.60 each
V8 rebound strap (2)
£4.10 each
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                 +44 (0)1746 710810
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Clive & Steve & Jill.
Rear pedestal for bump stop
          £4.60 each
Rear shackle
  £8.05 each
Rear bump stops
    £8.75 each
Rear spring plates
    £3.00 each
U bolts with nuts
   £ 2.95 each
Rubber spring pads
     £1.60 each
Rear shackle bush
  £0.50p each
Rear spring hanger bolt
     nut & washer.
      £0.90p each
Rear kit
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